Matiria is fruit of a project of cooperation between Thermal Technology and Bruno Rosa, two companies based in Montebelluna, in the Veneto region of Italy. Thermal Technology, a pioneer in the carbon fiber technology, holds an international patent for the use of this material in electric heating, an innovative process which allows for sizeable energy savings without generating electromagnetic fields.
Many are the successful applications, from thermo covers for high performance tires used in Formula 1 racing cars and Super Bike racing motorcycles to industrial, commercial and residential heating systems.

An ingenuous creation made of thousands of miles of carbon fibers contorted in thin cables containing more than 12,000 filaments that transform electric energy in heat, almost instantly. Unique power and efficiency , superior to any other material used so far, without the emission of any electromagnetic fields.

The teaming up with Bruno Rosa derived from the need of a material that would best utilize the properties of the carbon fibers, specifically a material that would heat up quickly and would release the accumulated heat just as quickly.
The many years of experience of its founder, Bruno Rosa, in the accumulation and distribution of heat with various materials, among which the terracotta(clay), have been the determining factor in the realization of the Matiria project.

The product creations of Matiria are not without an inspiration. They have deep roots in the arts and traditions, thanks to the drawings and works of the Venetian artist and innovator Otello Rosa, a famous mid-century ceramics creator and craftsman, and father of Bruno, cofounder of Matiria. Bruno’s work, while taking from forms and tonalities similar to his father’s, shows clean and minimalistic lines able to combine art with functionality.

Always in-keeping with art and tradition, Matiria relies on the collaboration with:
  • Ceramiche Zanolli  of Nove di Bassano, a company of Master ceramics craftsmen who, for many generations, have contributed to the history of the ceramic and represent the best in terms of knowledge and experience in the work process of this millenarian material.
  • Andrea Donazzan, the Master stone artist able to work the stone like only a few can, especially the “peperino“ stone, a lava stone with countless shades that are exalted even more with special applications of oven fused materials to form and integral body.

The impossible has become possible: performance, saving and respect for the environment enclosed in unique art forms that protect and give you warmth.