Our creations can be customized in size, shapes, finishes and colors for non reproducible, limited run series and also for "one of a kind" pieces.



Customized heat. Simplicity and flexibility of shapes for any interior. Flexy offers the maximum flexibility as it can by supplied in a desired custom size. Flexy is particularly suited for bathrooms where, with its simplicity of application and the possibility of custom sizes and finishes, it can become a truly distinctive decorative element of art. The terracotta panel with ceramic coating encloses the carbon fiber heating pad , guaranteeing durability and savings; ideal for the combination with a solar panel source. As standard, three sizes are available and suitable for either vertical or horizontal wall mounting. The basic model is supplied with an on-off switch that can be connected to a wireless thermostat. Easy to install, only an electrical outlet needed. No plumbing, no maintenance, no polluting emission and high efficiency.
The Matiria radiant heat panels do not generate electromagnetic fields.
Click on icon to download the product specifications sheet.
Click on icon to download the product specifications sheet.