Our creations can be customized in size, shapes, finishes and colors for non reproducible, limited run series and also for "one of a kind" pieces.



In the line of radiators offered by Matiria, Tyrool V revives and reinterprets , with a contemporary style, the charm of the old traditional ceramic stoves, offering a way to provide heat without the daily hardship of feeding the system. With the benefits of living comfort and significant reduction of electrical consumption costs, TYrool V is developed through the union between the terracotta, the most natural material with a high thermal capacity, and the carbon fiber, the material with the most advanced technology. In addition, the benefits of ease of installation with no plumbing connection or other works needed, only a suitable electrical outlet is required for the immediate operation. Tyrool V does not require any type of maintenance , does not generate any polluting emission nor electromagnetic fields.
The Matiria radiant heat panels do not generate electromagnetic fields.
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