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\ 'fi-jə-tᵊl \


an object, experience, or community that exists simultaneously in the physical and digital worlds


Since the advent of computing, society has been on a steady march towards merging the digital and physical worlds. As that march has turned to a sprint, we have passed a critical tipping point and entered a new frontier where the lines of physical and digital are blurred.

In this new “phygital” age, culture exists at the intersection of our physical and digital identities and our existence has become a blended immersive existence.

As a rare team of pioneers in immersive technologies and experiences, our mission is to bridge our fragmented realities through storytelling and culture that transcends dimensions and modalities.

We are heralds of the multiverse, alchemists of the blockchain, magicians of mixed reality, and architects of the phygital age.

Our portfolio of projects sits atop the MATIRIA PHYGITAL PLATFORM, a proprietary infrastructure that fuses physical objects to their counterpart digital twins on the blockchain.

An Epic Sci-Fi Saga Spanning the Digital and Physical Worlds​

Combining groundbreaking technology, jaw-dropping art, and innovative community experiences, Fyat Lux represents the future of world-building and storytelling for the metaverse.

Flavor-Filled Headphones for the Metaverse

Fresh Fruit is a series of limited fruit-themed metaverse headphones with accompanying AR lenses and physical cards to unlock exclusive experiences in both the physical and digital worlds.

[[ A collaboration with Intellectible Holdings and JBL™ ]]

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