The Matiria line combines the natural properties of the terracotta (clay) with the innovative technology of the carbon fiber (fibre), giving life to an unique living comfort. The main characteristic of the terracotta is its great capacity of heat accumulation. Its gradual heat release in the living environment combined with the micro porosity of the natural material reduces and dispels excess humidity.
The carbon fiber has unique characteristics like the absence of electromagnetic waves, practically eternal durability, performance stability, low electricity consumption and zero maintenance costs.

Matiria, products unique in the world!

The Matiria project is born from the idea and concept of Bruno Rosa to combine the art of ceramics with a heating technology applied to the carbon. Bruno is the son of Otello Rosa, a Venetian, and one of the most relevant artist of the 50’s Venetian ceramic arts.
What’s more innovative than to unite an old “tradition” with an extreme “innovation”?
Matiria unites the concept of heat and the intrinsic characteristics of the ceramic with the high efficiency and technology of the carbon fiber.
The land from where the Matiria products originate is the birthplace of high level artisan craftsmanship. Since ancient times the Veneto region has always generated arts and crafts of rare beauty and quality, envied and appreciated throughout the world.
One of the main concern of Matiria in the product development is sustainability. Products that do not emit electromagnetic waves, that generate heat with low electricity consumption costs and able to reach the desired level of warmth faster than any other heating products on the market.
It is impossible to estimate the life span of the carbon fibre. Maybe 1000 years? Maybe more? Perhaps it’s everlasting. For this reason Matiria offers a 5 (five) years warranty for its products,  with the exception of electronic components.
The carbon fiber reaches the desired temperature quickly, faster than any other heating filaments on the market, with minimum energy waste, allowing the ceramic panel in contact with the carbon fiber pad to accumulate and release heat in the room in record time.