All Matiria heating system can be controlled by an ambient sensor that controls the heating element directly through a relay. The PCU has a program that constantly analyzes the actual consumption of electricity and, on the basis of the usage rate of the whole heating system, limits the total power intake and does not allow the exceeding of the limits set by the electric meter.
This translates in lower operational costs. The PCU can control up to 14 zones and is connected to the thermostat or temperature sensor which regulates each single zone (it is advisable the use of one thermostat or temperature sensor for each room) and modulates the on/off of the heating elements. In addition, some zones can be used to operate and control other appliances (washer, dishwasher, oven etc.) to monitor and disconnect in case of overload. PCU replaced the CU if present in the radiant panel which would then be supplied with an ON/OFF switch.
Power Control Unit CU
The TPCU is a wall recessed unit with a TFT 2,8” display casing in colors that blend with any interior decoration. With just a touch it’s possible to view and change temperature level and programmed day/ week hours. The TPCU allows the operation of the PCU from a distance to activate six house zones to control groups of lights, antitheft system, motorized drapes, garden irrigation, etc. A controlling unit that connects, through an interface mofbusRS485, to the PCU and allows for the access to certain of its programmed setups easily and intuitively (temperature, conditions, limits, etc.) and adds certain functions linked to a possible future PV panels system. TPCU is fruit of a collaboration with Micro Solution, a company specialized in home electronic controls.
centralina touch power control